Our Free Internet Library is dedicated (before anything else) to all the children on Ter-Ra, and particularly to those that are sick, in hospitals, alone and abandoned, scared and confused, neglected, hungry and cold . . .

Not only that we love you a lot, dear children, and you are very important to us, but on your tiny little shoulders rests the entire future of our Human Civilization, and all our hopes of a better future, tomorrow!



  1. The Hall of the Fountains
  2. Peasant Ambassador
  3. Hurran Invasion
  4. Captain Giga
  5. Mercy [Nova Aftermath]

Up to now (in 2016), in the History of our Human Civilization we have the phenomenal, unique, unexplainable though perfectly correct prophecies of Mr. Michel de Notredame [aka Nostradamus, 1503-1566, France]. Note that there is a particular characteristic of those extraordinary prophecies: they are very difficult to decipher, to interpret, and to understand. However, that was precisely the very intention of the Author, the Great Nostradamus.

Accordingly, Mr. de Notredame used poetry to write down his visions, though poetry presents only a deformed image of reality. Further, he wrote his poems using a mixture of three languages: French, Latin, and Cabala—intentionally, again. To add the icing on his extraordinary work, Mr. de Notredame used anagrams instead of the actual names (of people, of places, of nations and so on).

The thorny nagging question is, "Why? Why did he do that?" It should have been a lot easier to simply write down the plain truth, "On the day of xxx, the guy yyy is going to do the zzz and the www things."

Yeah, you see, Mr. de Notredame didn't do that because he had very important reasons to hide the truth, and the future reality from us. Fact is, the words Mr. de Notredame has left to us are addressed, over the centuries, to ONE CERTAIN PERSON ONLY, not to all of us. Further, Mr. de Notredame has encrypted his prophecies/visions intentionally, so that history should not be altered. However, the troublesome question is still there, "Why did he do that?"

FREE LIBRARYThe fundamental absolute rule is, KNOWING THE FUTURE IS NOT ALLOWED! In fact, knowing the future could bring many nasty troubles to us—even of the terminal kind! On the other hand, all the prophecies that Mr. de Notredame has left to us represent just a decoy, a trap-lure meant to dissimulate the actual message—again, that message is addressed to a single person only. The rest of the people, billions of them over the centuries, can only speculate about "the future" senselessly, to no avail.

Note that those extraordinary true prophecies/visions have never been used to change, to alter, or to modify our History. In fact, given their particular manner of encryption, Mr. de Notredame's prophecies are simply NOT FUNCTIONAL!

However, if those prophecies have been intentionally rendered non-functional from the very beginning, then what is their true designation? Well . . . Alright, let's pass one more hint to you.

The encrypted prophecies of Mr. de Notredame become perfectly valid/correct only after one particular event happens. Therefore, their true designation is only to certify that they are true, together with the hidden message/messages they contain.

Anyway, nobody can blame Mr. de Notredame for what he did.  Again, he was/is THE VERY AUTHOR, therefore he was perfectly entitled to do whatever it pleased him. The only problem is us, our absurd expectations, and our distorted fantasies . . .

Right! The above exceptional aspects are needed to highlight the overall characteristics of our SF stories. They are very nice, amusing, entertaining, interesting; however, they also convey a few hidden messages for someone . . . Naturally, that "someone" could be even you!

You see, Mr. de Notredame used the "prophecies" format to convey his messages; today, we use the "Science Fiction" wrapper to achieve similar results. Note that, in comparison, our method is more efficient, truly multifunctional, a bit more palatable, and less . . . obvious!

By the way; in our book, LATHAN-KHON-KOP [not published yet] we present the method used by Mr. de Notredame "to see" the future—we present it scientifically, meaning, it is a functional and a repeatable utmost extraordinary technique. However, in order to understand it, someone needs to assimilate thoroughly almost anything we published, previously. [Note that such . . . "skills" are not quite for everybody to master, and they certainly cannot be acquired for free so . . .]

[P.S. Throughout our history, at any one moment in time, there were on this Planet (and they still exist around us today) a few people who knew . . . fantastic secrets about extraordinary technologies—way beyond our science, and way beyond our imagination. One of those exceptional individuals was Mr. Michel de Notredame, and we were really "lucky" to find out about him. True now, luck had nothing to do with that but . . . yeaah.

How, why, where are they coming from—it doesn't matter much. The only thing important is that such special individuals were and they still are around us now, and they know amazingly much about . . . extraordinary things . . . ! Interesting, isn't it?]




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