In 2014 we decided to switch the entire Corollary Theorems site to the new, stylish, HTML 5 protocol. However, it took us exactly one hour of code-time to realize that we needed to write manually about 4 times more HTML 5, +CSS, +JS code, compared to the existing amount of HTML 4.1 code we use right this moment.

Naturally, we asked ourselves, "Is it worth the effort?" Our answer in 2014 was "No." You see, writing more code than we have to WAS NOT an option then, IT IS NOT an option today, and IT WILL NEVER BE A VALID OPTION FOR US!

It looks like about 50% of the Internet sites have already shifted to the new attractive HTML 5 protocol, and the trend continues. Personally, we do not like that. These days most HTML 5 sites are dancing up and down on the screen during the "load time"which can take even 10-15 minutes! In addition, there is a specific HTML 5 way of coding the Internet pages which results in a childish look&feel simplicity of the sitesthis is, compared to what we used to have before, in HTML 4.1. Most HTML 5 Internet pages are formed out of plain-color square boxes (or out of strident-looking gradients)—very much like the horrible, non-functional, ill-famed Metro interface introduced by Microsoft.
Why? Is that a good thing, or a bad one? Is this more like a programming-fashion that comes and goes? What is happening out there?

Note that we are talking here about the brightest brains of our Civilization: the brains of the people that decide the development course of the Internet for the entire Planet. Is it possible that those great World-famous Gurus are wrong? ALL OF THEM !?!

Well, please read next.

O.K. We need to add this explanation here, now—believe it or not. Grammar is an abstract-logic mathematics system that is needed to hardwire "logically" the brain of a child/teenager. Accordingly, when grammar is properly taught to a child/teenager, some logic neuron paths are "burned" inside his young developing brain. Further in life, that child is capable of becoming a truly great designer, an inventor, a creatoryou name it. The idea is, his brain is perfectly and properly geared up for logic development.

Unfortunately, the World we live in today is not only imperfect, but is misses, alarmingly, exactly that early childhood/teenager grammar education. As a result, children become adults, then they may incidentally learn up to becoming great Gurus in some scientific domainsay, in Internet programming. However, their brains lack those fundamental "abstract-logic neural paths" therefore they cannot understand the "Global Picture" of the very reality they live in!

Note that things are so disastrous, these days, that the greatest programmers from Google, from Microsoft, or form Mozilla, are pushing the entire IT software development industry towards the wrong track, WORLDWIDE, FOR YEARS BY NOW!

Now, this senseless worldwide HTML 5 development frenzy is the best example of the theory.


The entire philosophy behind the HTML5 protocol was (and it still is) "to scale the Internet pages down, in order to make them accessible on mobile devices" (respectively, on tablet PCs and cell-phones). However, that simple-brains idea was (possibly) valid in 2002, before the great programming Gurus launched onto developing the actual HTML 5 protocol. In 2016, today, a tablet PC screen or a cell-phone screen is, on average, as good as a PC one; however, each of these gadgets/toys is becoming way better year after year. In addition, both Tablet PCs and cell-phones work with zoom-up!

So, why on Earth should someone design a "new" software technology to "scale things down on the Internet" when the hardware manufacturers are striving to "scale things up"! Take it this way. When someone is pushing down what others are pushing up, that is totally insane! THAT IS NOT GOING TO TAKE US ANYWHERE, DEAR PEOPLE! What is wrong with those great Internet Gurus? [Remember the missing childhood hardwired abstract-logic neural paths?]


The KISS principle says, "Keep It Simple Stupid." Fairly harsh, but that's the way things work for us (for centuries). Of course, HTML 5 protocol comes with a few nice simplifications: mainly, the DOCTYPE declaration, plus the audio/video controls. Beyond that, all the HTML 5 tags (this is the good old HTML tags, plus a few new ones) need to be additionally supported by CSS code (external, embedded, or inline).
To a good HTML designer/programmer, HTML 5 technology is nothing new: they have used HTML plus CSS plus JS code for years, in order to hide/dissimulate (a little) the architecture of one Internet site. For beginners, however, things are disastrous in HTML 5. There is no way a rookie would start designing or even managing an HTML 5 site.

So, if HTML 5 is Greek to beginners, compared to the good old HTML 4.1, what happened to the KISS principle? Are we going to write increasingly more complex software languages from now on? Why don't we try to make them simpler AND more efficient? Is it impossible to just add the audio and the video tags to the, say, super-simple HTML 4.2?


Yes, CSS [Cascading Stylesheets] is very good, BUT ONLY IN ADDITION TO HTML 4.1! First of all, it happens that CSS code is not working the same on all major Browsers (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, IE). Even worse, NOBODY CARES that the CSS code works differently in all major Browsers—and this is very, very bad; it means we live in a sub-standardized IT World!

However, HTML 4.1 code works the same in all major Browsers, therefore THAT is what we should strive to develop, not the CSS+JS based HTML 5 version. Even more, CSS2/3 code works within HTML 4.1 code without problems (though it still keeps on working differently in major Browsers).
Certainly, between HTML and CSS it is clear that the CSS code is going to win the battle into the future, though the major Browsers still need to come up with a "standard CSS version" first (plus with a standard DOM interpreted structure). Anyway, given the fact that, for the time being, CSS code works differently in different major Browser, what we have there in HTML 5 code is a total chaos!  As a reminder, each attribute of an HTML 5 tag needs to be additionally supported/sized in CSS code—therefore double, triple, and quadruple the amount of the minimum code needed.


WYSIWYG stands for "What You See Is What You Get". This is the name given to a few (exceptionally good and very cheap) graphic HTML editors commonly employed by beginners: FrontPage, Expression Web, Kompozer. A WYSIWYG editor allows you to simply place a <table> element on your site-page, then you can adjust it graphically, in no time, to fit your needs.
In contrast, in HTML 5 the most used tag, the mentioned <table> one, needs to be written in CSS code, row by row and cell by cell. Compared to HTML 4.1, the HTML 5 + CSS code needed to implement a simple table element is 10 to 100 times more complex—and you do need to be an expert in CSS.

Beginner HTML programmers and beginner site-owners represent the very PURPOSE/ESSENCE of the entire sub-standard Internet mumbo-jumbo of our days. However, the ultra-fancy HTML 5 coding IS NOT for them. Just stick with the good old HTML 4.1, dear friends, and work your way up using some nice, user-friendly, graphic
WYSIWYG editors. Not only that you can do everything you want in HTML 4.1just take a look at this sitebut you are going to work a lot less, you are going to code your things/stuff way way nicer, and your code is going to be far more efficient. HTML 5 is just Bad Juju for almost everybody!


Jeez, we got to section E and there is still so much to talk about this HTML 5 historical failure. For short, there is no way someone can use only HTML 5 code: you MUST be an expert in CSS and in JS in order to write some decent Internet pages using HTML 5.
It is clear that HTML 5 is a fancy language developed expressly for expert programmers. For today's beginners, and tomorrow's, they should better code their stuff using the user-friendly, very simple though also very powerful, HTML 4.1 protocol. Just keep things on the safe KISS-side, guys.

Now, these days the Internet Gurus (the experts of experts) have started working on HTML 5.1 and HTML 5.2 protocols. Bravo to you, dear chaps! However, it would be so nice to keep in mind that ANY NEW INTERNET PROGRAMMER IS A BEGINNER! The HTML tools we need to work with should better be simpler and more powerful to use, using the WYSIWYG graphic editors, if possible, not the inbred CSS code, and the dangerous JS one.

You need to go back in time in order to clear the HTML 5 mess you left us in. On the other hand, this is what we think and, naturally, we could be wrong so . . . Yeah.
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