1. CSS Buttons work in all major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and IE 12/11/10. [3D animations do not work in IE 9/8/7/6 though the buttons are still functional.] Each Button works on mouse-click without any Java code. The animation/transition of the Button takes effect on hover.
2. A CSS Button is one compact component, and it can be integrated in any site inside a <TD> or in a <DIV> HTML element.
3. Your site may be coded in HTML 2/3/4/5, XHTML.
4. This Tutorial Kit presents 5 Fantasy Buttons, a set of 4 Tactile Buttons (differently colored), and two sets of three 3D Buttons (differently colored).
5. Each Button code is very simple, therefore it is easy to integrate it in your site. In maximum 1 hour of moderate coding pains you can have either a nice working set of professional buttons, or an attractive fantasy button working flawlessly to attract visitors!

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This Tutorial Kit contains the following:
   B1: eight HTML files, each implementing a different version of a Button, or of a set of Buttons.
   B2: one detailed PDF Tutorial file of 17 pages.
   B3: five stylesheet *.css files.
   B4: two page banner pictures of 992x210px each.
   B5: a "GIFS" folder containing seven pictures.
   B6: the redistributable folder "font-awesome-4.6.3"


Buttons app. comes in three major sets/versions, and each one is explained line by line, functionally, as comments embedded into the CSS code, plus in ample details in a dedicated PDF tutorial file.

Buttons21 - commented CSS code

The first set of buttons is the one named "Fantasy". Particular to this version of buttons is the fact that they are powered by animations and transitions, since their designation is to please and to create fun.

Button11 (set1, type1) is the "Rocking Button", and you can admire its movement, and its action, in our Home Page. (You need to navigate back to this page manually.)  Note that Button11 comes with 5 different animations!

Buttons11 - Stand By Buttons11 -On  Hover
Buttons12 - Stand By Buttons1 - On Hover

The second fantasy Button12 is named "Moonlight". Naturally, you can change the text to accommodate your site needs.

The third fantasy Button13 implements a transformation on hover from square to round as pictured on right.

Buttons13 - Stand By Buttons13 - On Hoover
Buttons14 - Stand By Buttons14 - On Hover

The fourth fantasy Button14 implements a transformation on hover from round to square as pictured on left.

The last of the fantasy series, Button15 works in 3 stages as pictured on right. Button15 implements the free icon symbols from "Font-Awesome"--just to see how it's done. In the picture on right you can see the power icon.

Buttons15 - Stand By Buttons15 - Hover 1 Buttons15 - Hover 2
Buttons21 - Stand By

The second set of buttons is named "Tactile". On hover, the set of Buttons21 display the following colors: gray, red, blue (as pictured), and green. Buttons21 work with one CSS "pseudo-element"--explained in details in our pdf Tutorial.

These buttons are professional, very nice to work with, and they need no Java code to make them work (though you can add it if you want to).

Buttons21 - On Hover

The third generation of buttons is named "3D". To start, Buttons31 work with one CSS pseudo-element (the gray left side). On hover each button is slightly depressed, and they display: blue, red (as pictured), and green.

These are excellent 3D buttons of professional type, and they can be further customized and improved to your total satisfaction!

Buttons31 - Stand By
Buttons31 - On Hover
Buttons32 - Stand By

The second set of 3D buttons, Buttons32 work with 2 CSS pseudo-elements (also explained in sharp details in our pdf Tutorial). On hover each button is slightly depressed, and they display: blue, red, and green (as pictured).

Very nice buttons, small CSS code, and very easy to adjust to requirements.

Buttons32 - On Hover
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