To us (this is, to the entire Human Civilization), there is nothing more important than understanding each other correctly. We need to express our thoughts/ideas to perfection, to comprehend and analyze the exchanged messages/topics appropriately, and to abide "syntactically" by the required grammatical logic of all meanings ...

The good news is that, now, we can achieve such wonderful abilities using the most advanced grammatical instrument ever conceived: collection "Logically Structured English Grammar"! 
Principles Functions and Elements of Grammar

Over the years, while selling LSEG4, it became clear that people throughout the World, students and teachers alike, know jack of (the universal, simple, logic) grammatical principles, functions, elements, etc. It happened that, during conception, while writing the books of the LSEG collection we never suspected our clients could lack such minimal basic training in grammatical notions, therefore we have never detailed those aspects too much.

However, at this point in time, it is clear we need to explain the manner in which the fundamental mechanisms of (the universal, simple, logic) grammar work in Project PFEG.
Project PEFG is grammatical theory only, and it may be completed within a 9 months period, for an overall cost of 20 000 EURO, as follows:

- 6 months of (research and) writing the book = 6 * 2 000 = 12 000 EURO;
- 2 months of editing the book for printing (size A4, about 250 pages) = 2 * 2 000 = 4 000 EURO;
- one month to print 500 copies = 4 000 EURO.

The only difficult aspect of Project PFEG is to explain as simple as possible the abstract theory of grammar, so that anybody could understand it—and this is far from being a pleasing walk in the park. Note that most theoretical grammatical topics have never been taught (correctly), anywhere on the Planet, in any English nation.

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Thank you, for your consideration!

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